January 27, 2021 — Established and led by editorial director Debra Prinzing and creative director Robin Avni, BLOOM Imprint is a Pacific Northwest-based publishing venture whose mission is to work with creative floral entrepreneurs to produce floral, garden and design lifestyle titles by identifying authors and topics unique to the marketplace.

Debra Prinzing (left) and Robin Avni (right)

The two women created BLOOM Imprint as a boutique publishing company with the goal of developing these flower-inspired books from the seed of an initial concept to the final publication. Their development process is designed to maximize each author’s key creative strengths. This is achieved by honing in on a core editorial purpose and visual expression to communicate an author’s individual personality and brand mission through a book’s pages. BLOOM Imprint’s publications reflect each author’s clear vision and voice, sustainable ideas and lifestyle inspiration.

With the launch of BLOOM Imprint, Prinzing and Avni also announce their 2021-2022 catalog of five enchanting book titles with the following floral influencers:

Where We Bloom: Intimate, Inventive, Artistic Floral Spaces (April 2021) by Debra Prinzing. Step inside the places where flowers come to life. Featuring beautiful plant- and flower-filled settings of Slow Flowers designers, farmer-florists, and growers. Each environment reflects the personality and aesthetic style of its owner, offering great ideas to inspire the design, organization, and functionality of a creative studio.

Growing Wonder: A Flower Farmer’s Guide to Roses (September 2021) by Felicia Alvarez
Do you dream of possessing a magical rose garden or a thriving flower farm? Whether you long to fill your own acreage with roses or consider yourself more of a weekend gardener, Felicia Alvarez, founder of Menagerie Farm + Flower, can help turn your rose love affair a joyous and rewarding experience. Whatever your level of passion, with her twenty years of farming experience Felicia guides you with sound advice and detailed horticultural knowledge.

A Life in Flowers: Lessons + Affirmations from the Garden (October 2021) by Holly Heider Chapple
Wedding and event florist and founder of the Chapel Designers floral community, Holly Chapple is a creative visionary and a highly recognized and sought-after floral designer whose work has been published in countless prestigious publications and top industry blogs. Learn about Holly’s incredible floral journey, the inspiring story of Hope Flower Farm, and the values of hospitality, creativity, and community that embody her life in flowers. 

Black Flora: Inspiring Black Flower Farmers + Florists (January 2022) by Teresa J. Speight
There is a rich, beautiful, complex, and diverse narrative being told by African Americans and other persons of color in the floral marketplace. It is long past time to recognize their excellence and contributions to cut flower farming and floristry. Garden writer, podcaster, and blogger Teresa J. Speight of Cottage in the Court shares her interviews and profiles with leading pioneers and explores their lives rooted in the floral world. 

House + Flower: Reviving Forgotten Homes + Abandoned Gardens (January 2022) by Cynthia Zamaria
Through engaging photography, and Cynthia Zamaria’s approachable personal narrative, explore the art of reviving old gardens and aging homes. Cynthia takes her reader through the process as she and husband Graham restore the interior settings and exterior spaces of their seventh residence, Leuty House, and reflects on other lessons learned from coaxing new life into old properties in and around Toronto. 

Avni and Prinzing say their book development philosophy is rooted in the Slow Flowers’ practice, aligned closely with the Slow Flowers movement that Prinzing founded in 2013. “BLOOM is interested in new, engaging, and creative themes. We actively scout for floral lifestyle personalities, creatives, entrepreneurs, artisans, and makers who have beautiful stories to tell,” Prinzing says. 

Adds Avni: “By leveraging our publishing experience, we believe BLOOM Imprint’s editorial guidance, creative direction and design language, combined with our non-traditional approach to lifestyle marketing, sets our authors up for success. We are motivated to support our authors as collaborative and creative partners.”

Titles will be available for pre-order at BLOOM Imprint’s online bookstore ( and wholesale pricing is offered for bulk orders beginning in March 2021. BLOOM Imprint designs a custom book distribution strategy for each of its titles, ensuring that authors benefit from a unique revenue-sharing platform to enhance their lifestyle brands.


About BLOOM Imprint:

Between them, Robin Avni and Debra Prinzing have produced and published more than 20 lifestyle, design, architecture, floral and gardening titles. They formed BLOOM Imprint as a boutique publishing company with the mission of identifying creative entrepreneurial book ideas and growing them — from the seed of an initial concept to a finished product. As they publish new authors and consult with aspiring ones, the partners believe that producing a book is ultimately one of the most strategic marketing endeavors available to creatives.

The women previously collaborated on Real Women. Real Life., a consumer and lifestyle consulting collective, and most recently teamed up to produce Prinzing’s Slow Flowers Journal – Volume One (2020, Wildflower Media).

Debra Prinzing

Debra Prinzing is a Seattle-based writer, speaker and leading advocate for American-grown flowers. Through her many Slow Flowers-branded projects, she has convened a national conversation that encourages consumers and professionals alike to make conscious choices about their floral purchases. Debra is the producer of, the weekly "Slow Flowers Podcast" and the American Flowers Week (June 28-July 4) campaign. Debra is author of 11 books, including Slow Flowers (2013), The 50 Mile Bouquet (2012) and Slow Flowers Journal (2020). She is the co-founder of BLOOM Imprint, the boutique publishing arm of Slow Flowers.

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